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It is really a pleasant feeling if you look out of the window and see a lovely garden. Of course, if you want this to happen, you need to take appropriate care. This process is everything but easy. Because of that it is better to hire a company that provides professional tree services. Flaherty Tree Service is a long-standing company in Pittsburgh, PA who can offer you stable and affordable services. By hiring us to take a regular care of your trees such as tree removal or tree pruning services, you can enjoy your more safety and beautiful garden.

Flaherty Tree Service

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by Rebecca Anderson on Flaherty Tree Service
I'm so happy!

I'm so happy with the prompt attention that I received today after calling Flaherty for emergency removal of a large tree limb that had fallen on my fence. My wonderful neighbor paid what we believed to be a very fair price, especially considering the speed and attentiveness the job received. Much thanks to Steve and his crew on a job truly well done!

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Investing in your tree cutting service is a good property investment. That way you can add value to your property and also your neighbors will envy you. Our contractors can help you make your yards look better. Our company has been operating for 20 years. Our specialists are experienced and skilled in order to deliver top level services. One phone call is enough to enjoy your yard. So, don’t wait any longer. Contact us right now on (412) 277-1972 to set an appointment.

Our team will evaluate your trees’ health and structure. It is important to do that because during a storm an unhealthy tree can do a lot of damages and even to kill people. After the evaluation, we will be able to determine the appropriate services. Sometimes, if your tree is very old and dangerous, it may be necessary a tree removal. Other times when you want to prolong the health and life of your tree, we will offer you a tree pruning services.

There are different services that we provide. For example, our tree pruning services include a brief overview of how and why. Also, you can take advantage of our tree cutting service and tree trimming services. During our visit, we will inspect your trees for insects and diseases. If it is necessary, we will give your tree appropriate care. No matter what treatment your tree requires, you can be sure that Flaherty Tree Service will get the job done in a perfect way.

For complete customer service, you will get a full evaluation. We will be honest with you, and our contracts are transparent. You will never pay for hidden fees and charges. Also, we strive to keep our prices lowest in order to make you even more happy.

To take advantage of our tree trimming services, you need to set an appointment. We will work around your schedule. Our technicians are 24/7 available for you. So, if you need an affordable and quality tree services in Pittsburgh, PA, don’t hesitate to contact Flaherty Tree Service on (412) 277-1972.